7 Best Transcription Software – Audio to Text

7 Best Transcription software

Artificial Intelligence is constantly improving online opportunities, and transcription is proof of this. There are numerous transcription software that generates transcripts with an accuracy level of 60% to 90%, which is considered above average by most clients. What’s more, transcribing audio or video through AI-powered transcription software is a straightforward process. By importing an audio/video file … Read more

How To Get Started as an Online Transcriber – Part 2

Working Online as a Transcriber

Continued from Part 1 What is Online Transcription? Now maybe you’re asking yourself what is Transcription? Well, let me give you a brief introduction. Transcription is a service of converting speech into a written text document. Transcription services are often provided for general business, legal, or medical purposes. The most common type of transcription is from a … Read more

How To Get Started as an Online Transcriber – Part 1

Acquire straightforward online transcription skills to make cash from home; a great getaway to your financial freedom. Welcome to Skyline Freelancing blog with me, Shelmith Kahu! I’m eager to help you to start making cash from home with online t transcription skills! I cannot contemplate any better work from home online hustle – you’re your … Read more

9 Transcription Software To Increase Productivity

9 Transcription Software to maximize productivity

Transcription software maximizes your work productivity, and this makes freelance transcription an exciting career. You will come across all types of files, from court recordings, medical dictations, interviews, webinars, church sermons, but without the right software, you will find that the task becomes tedious. Now, let’s look at 9 Transcription Software that will increase your … Read more