7 Best Transcription Software – Audio to Text

Artificial Intelligence is constantly improving online opportunities, and transcription is proof of this. There are numerous transcription software that generates transcripts with an accuracy level of 60% to 90%, which is considered above average by most clients.

What’s more, transcribing audio or video through AI-powered transcription software is a straightforward process. By importing an audio/video file from your computer or mobile device, the software processes the audio speech and creates a transcript for you to edit.

These are Seven of the best transcription software programs for the job.


Otter.ai is an enterprise-ready AI-powered assistant that generates rich notes for your interviews, meetings, and presentations. This auto transcription software has very good accuracy, and you only need to edit the transcripts. Otter.ai has both paid and free packages.

Check out this YouTube tutorial How to Automatically Transcribe With Otter

Here’s the link to the app Otter.ai

2. Descript

Descript is an all-in-one editor that allows you to edit a Word document. You can upload a file or record audio directly on Descript, and it will automatically convert your audio/video file into a text file.

It has accurate transcripts with a very short turnaround time with speaker labels. However, all you need is to remove stutters and fillers with a single click. You can then publish a link for sharing within the transcription app.

Here’s the link to the app Descript

 3. Trint

Trint is cloud-based transcription software that makes audio/video shareable, searchable, and editable with up to 31 languages.

Trint’s speed for speed-to-text implementation is very impressive. It has real-time transcription, which makes it the most exciting and reliable transcription software. 

 Here’s the link to the app Trint

4. Temi

Temi allows you to edit your transcripts online in a few minutes. It has both a trial version and a paid version. Transcripts are ready in minutes. However, shorter files are done in a few seconds.

With the free version, you get one transcript in less than 45 minutes. You also get access to all features without requiring a credit card.

Temi being advanced speech recognition software, your transcript quality depends on audio quality, so if you want accurate transcripts you have to record or upload clear audio. However, it has an accuracy of 90-95%.

Here’s the link to the app Temi

 5. Rev.ai

Rev.ai is an easy-to-use API that is designed by developers for developers. This transcription app provides you with comprehensive documentation, SDKs, and expert support to get you started in minutes. You only need to generate your maiden transcript, an access token.

Rev.ai’s contemporaneous transcription software unlocks the power of voice for transcription work. If you’re transcribing large audios, you can get it all done with this app that’s developed for growth.

Rev.ai is available in 31 major world languages.

 Here’s the link to the app Rev.ai

 6. Amberscript

Amberscript is an AI speech recognition tool that allows you to convert audio and videos into text or subtitles. It has an online text editor. So, if you combine your human intelligence with this AI service, you can get a 100% accurate transcript.

In addition, Amberscript transcription software has a very fast turnaround time, it is GDPR security compliance, and it has very competitive pricing.

 Here’s the link to the app Amberscript

 7. Sonix.ai

Sonix.ai is the highly rated audio to text software. The transcript is ready in five minutes. They have a 30 minutes free trial, then one can sign up for the paid version.

It has 35 languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Arabic, Hindi, and many more. It also has auto speaker separation and it auto punctuates.

Here’s the link to the app Sonix


However, the auto transcripts have to be edited and seriously proofread before submitting. It is good to take note of the following while correcting the transcripts.  

  • Typing Mistakes
  • Missing words
  • Missing or incorrect paragraph breaks
  • Utterances for strict verbatim files
  • Incorrect capitalization of words
  • Missing punctuation

Advantages of using audio transcription software

  • Generates clean transcripts for editing, which saves a lot of time.
  • Has a very quick turnaround time.
  • Saves project to revisit later.
  • Generates speaker labels
  • Punctuates the transcript.
  • Has accurate spacing on pauses in the audio/video file.

Whether you like transcribing your files manually or using AI-powered transcription software to get auto transcripts for editing, the above-mentioned solution covers both worlds. I believe these transcription software can ease the transcription work that you do manually by assigning this task to these AI tools, regardless of the solution you go for.

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