7 Useful Tips for Working Online as a Transcriber

When you start working online as a transcriber, you will notice that there are many rules to be followed, and you might get confused as a newbie. There is a process of working online, and it is very vital. You ought to remember this before embarking on this tedious task.

Below are 7 useful tips for working online as a transcriber in order to be successful.

1. Dedication and Resilience

Working online requires dedication and a lot of resilience, commitment, and time. There’s an enormous distinction between the guy who earns monthly 40/50k and the guy who earns 10k a month and still keeps on complaining how the editors are mean. I would advise you to take the editor’s comments on your work seriously so that you can learn your mistakes, and, therefore, improve your work quality.

2. Names

Names, emails and a verified PayPal account are a requirement. Use one name to create an online presence. You cannot be using different names in real life and different names online. Remember, you can lose your earnings if you’re told to prove your identity while using different names.  Also, quality work matters online because you’re here to sell your service, nothing more.

3. Commitment

Note that working online is not everybody’s cup of tea, it requires; sitting down for hours researching, missing meals, missing deadlines, taking criticism, and perfecting your work. There’s a distinction between the transcriber who gets a grade 4 and the one who gets a grade 9, passion for your work.

4. Using the Right Tools

When working online, you require the right tools to increase your productivity. You need a good computer, Internet, headphones, office desk and ergonomic seat, and good command of English grammar, written and verbal. If you can’t master English skills, reconsider your career.

5. Low and High seasons

Again, this is not for everyone, do not quit your job simply because you have discovered about online work. Sometimes you will experience low seasons and other times jobs are in plenty. You also need to start looking for direct clients on bidding sites to get good pay and good work flow, transcription companies sometimes go for months without work.

6. Using the Right Software to Increase Productivity

Use the right software for your transcription jobs. You’ll be able to increase your output with the right tool.

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7. Quality Work

Always make sure that you deliver quality work, research, proofread your work thoroughly. If you feel you don’t understand what the client needs, always feel free to consult your mentor or the experienced guys in the industry.

Your work should be error free, don’t guess words, spell check your work thoroughly and also format your work according to the client’s needs.

Always remember to ask feedback from the editors or the client in order to learn your mistakes.


Working online as a transcriber comes with a lot of freedom, and I promise you that if you’re eager to learn, and you’re dedicated to your work, you will enjoy the benefits. I wish you all the best in your online endeavor, and always remember that I’m available to assist where I can.

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