Skyline Freelancing is a Digital Agency that offers online coaching on; Transcription, Video Captioning and Virtual Assistant.

We also offer Virtual Assistant services.

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We offer professional and comprehensive training on; Transcription/Video Captioning & Virtual Assistance




We offer professional transcription services and also train on the same.


Video Captioning

We offer professional video captioning/subtitling services and also train on the same.


Virtual Assistant

I’m here to help busy business owners manage their calendars, manage their websites, manage their social media accounts and any other administrative tasks remotely.


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Mary Ngava From Nairobi, Kenya.

Yes, this was a good match. Expecting to learn more and more.

Violet Achieng From Kenya

Wow! The tutor has done a great job by elaborating everything step by step. I will recommend her anytime.

Elija Osoro From Kisumu, Kenya

I had an amazing experience. Shelmith is a great trainer and mentor. I would recommend her anytime, anywhere.

Elija Osoro - Review
Mary Ngava - Review
Violet Achieng - Review

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How To Get Started as a Remote Virtual Assistant

How To Get Started as a Remote Virtual Assistant

Did you know it’s possible to get started as a Virtual Assistant without being highly skilled in a profession? Virtual Assistant opportunities have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with a staggering 3 million jobs currently being held by these...

10 Useful Tips To Pass Any Transcription Test

10 Useful Tips To Pass Any Transcription Test

Passing transcription tests seems like an uphill task. But if you have the right transcription skills, this should be a walk in the park. You should be able to pass any transcription test without breaking a sweat. When doing transcription tests, you will notice that...

11 Places to Find Online Transcription Work For Newbies

11 Places to Find Online Transcription Work For Newbies

Transcription is conversion of audio/video files into text files. Most of the transcription work is done remotely. If you have transcription skills, you have a great skill that can earn you a stable income online while at the comfort of your home if you take the job...

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