How To Get Started as an Online Transcriber – Part 1

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Acquire straightforward online transcription skills to make cash from home; a great getaway to your financial freedom.

Welcome to Skyline Freelancing blog with me, Shelmith Kahu!

I’m eager to help you to start making cash from home with online t transcription skills! I cannot contemplate any better work from home online hustle – you’re your own boss. Furthermore, you get to stay in bed on a Monday morning when everyone else is commuting to work or is out in the cold.

The Internet has opened a sea of opportunities for any individual who has the determination to work online, take advantage of this chance. Consistently, an ever-increasing number of sites are being launched, and furthermore the interest for independent contractors is increasing day by day. Encouraging news for all online transcribers!

Today, there are tons of online work, more than most contractors will deal with, and since it’s developing day by day, there are loads of companies for you to join and start earning.

Today, by exploiting the Internet, you’ll have the option to acquire a relatively fast independence from the rat race as an independent transcriber, directly from the solace of your own home. This noteworthy online transcription opportunity is proposed to you immediately, and it will for all intents and purposes enhance your daily routine and the lives of those you care about.

Work full time or part-time? The decision is yours!

Many transcribers aren’t exclusively earning the monetary profit, but also trade their unremarkable every day 9-5 jobs, paying off their debts, spending their valuable time with their families and a couple are enjoying their holidays and converting the beach cafés in to their “home office.” Regardless of your monetary profit objectives, and regardless of your way of life and dreams, it’s completely achievable with online transcription.

It’s more straightforward than you may have anticipated!

Before the Internet existed, transcribers required serious credits, higher education degrees, recommendation letters, and terrific references before they may be hired by any office.

Things have changed! The Internet opened possibilities that never existed and evened the odds. Fundamentally, it turned the online transcription business top side down. Right now, there are many job opportunities for people from varying backgrounds, all age, all around the globe.

A portion of the premier lucky online-based transcribers don’t have any formal expertise and have performed so well in the business in an extremely tremendous way, not in years, months or weeks, but rather in days.

All you need is a Personal Computer with great Internet speed, headphones, essential transcription abilities, be computer savvy, and zeal to succeed. You can join the various groups of people who are making money though working inside the solace of their homes.

Continued on Part 2 here.





About Me!

About Me!

Shelmith, Virtual Assistant/Digital Creator

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  1. Ann

    Hi Shelmith, I very inspired by you and have been following you since I saw your course on Udemy. I have been a transcriptionist for many years but the main issue I’ve always had is landing one on one clients without using any bidding platform.
    I have been conned as I think we all have by local companies who you work for them they claim poor quality and they’ve already been paid for your work.

    • Shelmith

      Hello, as far as I know you can only land a direct client from the bidding sites or cold pitching. Keep on trying, you will get one soon.

  2. Anne Wahu

    Hi, thanks for the write up, very informative. I have done transcription before, want to start again, but dont know where to start from. Can I register with you, since I dont need training. There are too many fake online jobs, so can you advice me on the way forward, thank you.

  3. Hellen Ndunyu

    Hi Shelmith. Thank you for training me. Thanks for your patience as well. You’re the best trainer there is in this industry.

    • Shelmith

      Hi, Helen. Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad the course changed your life financially for good. It can only getter better with consistency, keep on working smart.

      • Maurine

        Am willing to be trained as a transcriber… Do one pay for that training.?

        • Shelmith

          Hi, Maurine.

          Feel free to reach me via WhatsApp number +254-739317633 for more details in regard to the training. Thank you.

    • Shelmith

      I’m humbled, thanks.


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