7 Ways to Make More Money as a Freelancer

7 Ways to Make More Money as a Freelancer

Freelance work has been around for some time. But now, more than ever before, freelancers are making a living from their skills. You only need to have a workstation with a computer and a stable internet connection.

Freelancing is a great way to earn extra income while working at home. It’s also an opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and build relationships.

Here are seven tried and tested ways to make more money as a freelancer!

 1. Start with a Plan 

Before you start looking for freelance work, you need to think about what kind of work you want to do. There is a lot of stuff that one can do online. Do you want to write articles? Work as a Virtual Assistant? Transcribe files? Caption Videos? Translate documents? Work as an interpreter? Create graphics? Design websites? Or maybe you just want to offer editing services.

Once you decide what type of project you want to take on, you can begin by taking an online course to fine-tune your skills, get a certification and then start searching online for opportunities. You can check our online courses here.

2. Build Relationships

You should also consider how much you want to charge for your work, is it per project or per hour? If you want to earn a lot of money, you need to build good relationships with your clients. First, you can start with charging less as a beginner and then upgrade your charges as you gain experience and confidence.

Always make sure that you’re practicing professionalism in your work, always asking what needs to be done and requesting feedback on the work you have submitted. By this, you will be able to build your skills and avoid repeating the same mistakes.


3. Communication Skills

Great communication skills are a must-have for every freelancer. It would feel awkward for a client to assign you a task, and then you don’t see the emails until the task’s deadline has approached. Always make sure that you’re responding to the client’s messages promptly and professionally.

Strive to have a good command of English grammar, both written and verbal. If you find that you have a lot of spelling mistakes even in your day-to-day writing, you may consider always having your spellchecker all the time to avoid making any grammatical mistakes.

If you feel that you can’t deliver the project within the agreed time, it’s good to communicate the same to the client requesting a time extension.


4. Be Flexible

As a freelance worker, you need to be flexible. This means being open to changing your schedule and working with different clients at different times. It also means being willing to take on new projects when opportunities arise.

Do not let a project pass you because it’s not within your normal working hours. Remember, different clients operate on different world clock timings.


5. Offer Value

To make more money as an independent contractor, you need to offer value. Always make sure that you’re doing enough research for your work. You should be able to provide something unique and valuable to your clients. And you should be willing to adapt to changes in your client’s needs.

Remember that the client hired you for the services that you can deliver, so deliver pure gold when you get a project and work within the given timeline.


6. Focus on Quality

One of the biggest mistakes freelance writers make is trying to write too much. They think that by writing more, they will earn more money. This isn’t true. It’s the opposite. Writing less means you’ll have more time to focus on quality.

Make sure that your biggest goal is to deliver quality work and not to write more articles. Substandard work can be rejected without any payment from the client.


7. Request and Give Reviews

Positive reviews from clients will help you build a good reputation for your freelance work. Positive reviews will help you promote your work, while negative reviews will drive potential clients away. It’s important to maintain a good work relationship with your client and request them for reviews after completing each project.

You should also make sure that you’re leaving your client a good review. Positive reviews are also a great way to get referrals from previous clients because they have trust in you.  


There are many opportunities online. It doesn’t matter what kind of freelance work you’re doing, you should always strive to earn more money by growing your online business. Freelance work is a personal business for every freelancer, so keep on researching what will work for you.  

 Have a business plan and set your business goals, and keep track of what’s working for you and what needs improvement. You can earn a decent income as a freelancer.




9 Tips on How to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs Online

9 Tips on How to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs Online

A virtual assistant is an individual who provides personal or business assistance to people through remote access. A virtual assistant can be in charge of bookkeeping, web research, and organizing email correspondences.

To get a job as a virtual assistant, you will typically need to have at least some experience as well as knowledge of other skills that you can offer to your clients. There are several websites that provide opportunities for those interested in finding a career as a Virtual Assistant, including glassdoor.comTaskRabbit, and Rock Solid Virtual Assistants.

Here are 9 helpful tips that can help you find Virtual Assistant jobs online.

 1. Certifications

Certifications are credentials earned by an individual to showcase their ability to perform a job and verify their legitimacy. There are online courses that teach professional skills, and they also come with a certificate of completion that you can add to your resume.

There are many certifications available online ranging from, Virtual Assistant courses, Administrative Assistant courses, and also Personal Assistant certifications.

If you would like to enroll in our Virtual Assistant course, you can join us here – Learn How To Become an On-Demand Professional Virtual Assistant. This will help you to improve your skills and qualifications.  

2. Have Previous Work Experience

Having previous work experience is very important, and this boosts the chances of getting hired as a Virtual Assistant. Always include your past work experience on your resume. Consider working in fields that are in line with your profession.

You can start working on freelancing tasks such as transcription or data entry, this will help you build your confidence and gain work experience before applying for a full-time position.

In case you don’t have previous work experience, you can consider an internship. There are many internships that can be considered by a Virtual Assistant. Internships provide a student with real-life experience and teach them skills that will be beneficial in the future. For example, an internship in a law firm might teach one about legal terminology and the various ways to communicate with different people in an organization.

 3. Create a Resume and a Portfolio 

A resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a formal document that shows an overview of your professional qualifications, skills, and relevant work experience. Consider creating a professional resume, you can use Canva.com to design a simple but professional resume.

While, a work portfolio is a collection of your past work samples that shows your capability to deliver similar services to a potential client. You can as well use Canva.com to create a great professional portfolio.

4. Create a Strong Social Media Presence  


Having a strong social media presence as a Virtual Assistant is very important. Most Virtual Assistants receive job offers through their social media platforms. You should have professional social media accounts showcasing the skills and services that you offer.

Advertising your services on social medial platforms will make potential clients notice your presence. You can use hashtags or digital media marketing to advertise your services to other people on several social media platforms.

Be active and available to respond to any messages send to you on any of your social media platforms, and be professional while handling the inquiries.

 5. Join Traditional and Freelancing Job Sites  


When large organizations want to hire Virtual Assistants, they usually post the job opportunity on traditional job sites.

As a Virtual Assistant, you need to join traditional and freelancing job sites and create your profile there, making sure it’s 100% complete.

You also need to learn how to write winning proposals so that when you send your bids, you can stand out to be invited for a job interview.

Be consistent in regularly checking job sites to check whether there are new long-term job posts. It’s good to focus on long-term clients, as this will give you a good workflow and a good relationship with your client.

Make it a habit of asking your clients to leave you a review and a rating so that you can create a good name for yourself, you can as well leave a review for your client. Positive reviews are very important, and they will build confidence in other prospective clients in the future.

 6. Join Digital Communities  


If you’re an independent contractor or a freelancer, it’s good to consider joining as many digital communities as you can that are in line with the services that you offer.

These communities give you a great opportunity to interact with other people in the industry who can give you a warm lead to a job opportunity or even give you advice.

Check for communities or groups that specialize in Virtual Assistant jobs and join them. They will help you in getting projects. Most of these communities post job opportunities with the hashtag #jobopp.

Once you spot a job post, do not hesitate to send your applications, you never know where your luck is.

7. Create a Facebook Page or a Website

 Having your website as a Virtual Assistant has a great impact on your VA business, as this can drive web traffic to your site, which increases the chances of clients finding and hiring you. You can create a website that has a portfolio page where you can showcase your skills and previous work, work rates or packages, professional references, and a contact page.

Once a client spots all these on your website, there’s a very high chance of getting hired. So, you need to have a strong presence online.

Since creating a website requires resources, you can also consider creating a Facebook page, which can serve the same purpose as a website.

8. Ask for Referrals from your Professional Network

If you have a large professional network, it can increase your chances of getting Virtual Assistant jobs. You can ask people in your professional network if they know anyone looking for a Virtual Assistant. You can request them to refer you to a potential client. Referrals work so well since there’s trust built amongst the professional network.

You can as well consider attending networking events to grow your network.

 9. Apply to a Virtual Assistant Job Agency

 Some organizations and companies outsource their VA jobs to agencies. These agencies can hire many Virtual Assistants and provide them with long-term and reliable work. You can do research on the best Virtual Assistants job agencies through their websites and then send them your resume.

 In case they are hiring, they will revert with the recruitment process.


A virtual assistant may work anywhere, with no requirements as to what type of personal computer you own. The number and types of things a virtual assistant can do can vary widely. In addition to your work location, having a personal computer with internet connections and headphones is relatively important.

If you’re passionate enough to work online, being a full-time Virtual Assistant can earn you a decent online income.